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April 30, 2009 Woman accused of stealing 500 lbs. of gold Sex on Queen's lawn at Windsor Castle Russian gigolo tricks women into plastic surgery for commission Swedish men 'not as masculine as they used to be': study April 29, 2009 Mid-life crisis Barbie comes with tattoos Winery creates buzz with dream job offer Smoke alarm alerts police to cannabis farm April 28, 2009 No Regrets: The Worst & Most Ridiculous Tattoos Ever The man who painted his face every day of the year. Swiss voters ban nude hiking because of Germans Aussie lizard rolls over to avoid sex April 27, 2009 Another Health food not as good as first thought The world's smallest bodybuilder - video HAZMAT team called when family sickened by 'dog toy' US governor intervenes in Flaming Lips flap April 26, 2009 Illegal aliens delivering drugs to Wal-Mart The District of Columbia is ticketing people who park in their own driveways. Motorists issued traffic tickets after officers wave them through red light Chinese fakery: The products that got lost in translation April 25, 2009 City Claims Busty Mannequin Is Zoning Violation Come to Alberta - no wait, it's Britain Hitler paintings sold for 95,589 pounds Marry with a fixed-term contract, not for 'til death do us part April 24, 2009 Why women are leaving men for other women China's copycars: familiar-looking vehicles at Shanghai Auto 2009 Pictured: Hottest funeral director on the planet Vaginas with teeth — and other sexual myths Miss Universe pageant attacked over 'malnourished' beauty queen April 23, 2009 where DID the original iconic cast boldly go? Wife Of TARP CEO Whines About Loss Of Luxury, Social Status Many Aussie women lack manners and are 'foul-mouthed and loud'Article Earth Day Founder Convicted of Murder Black hole' appears outside Treasury April 22, 2009 Iranian sniper or Wookiee? How to tell them apart Push-up pants for men fly off shelves FBI workers accused of spying on girls dressing room Geese return to store for third year April 21, 2009 Beer goggles idea is a myth, claim scientists Protesters Support Naked Coach Bunny battle goes ballistic at UVic campus Giddy-eh? Brooksville lotto winner opens nude dude ranch April 20, 2009 The limp business a result of customers taking a do-it-yourself approach Playboy names University of Miami top U.S. party school Man Sues Saying Ohio Police Made Him Walk Home in Polar Bear Pajamas Payment Late? Lenders Can Remotely Disable Your Car April 18, 2009 Hairy Women Recieve a Health Warning Jamaica cracks down on 'daggering' after broken todger upswing The Top 10 Nerf Guns of All Time An Amazon tribe converts the missionary April 17, 2009 Sit, Stay, Write: First Dog Also has a Book Deal Man bites snake in epic struggle Here's a Tip: Don't Bite Your Own Junk Hallelujah or Highway to Hell? Songs to die for April 16, 2009 Will TVs Be Banned For Using Too Much Power? Sex delay spray is on the way High School Cheer Coach Fired After Posing Nude Padma Lakshmi, Chelsea Handler And Eliza Dushku bare it For Allure (PHOTOS) The popularity of Twitter has some relationships in a twist April 15, 2009 Cat dubbed 'The Donald' because of defect Hairdresser turns robber into sex-slave Controversy Surrounds Stage Production Of The Vagina Monologues Credit Crunch Girls Put On A Brave Face April 14, 2009 Animal pictures of the week Schools hiring bouncers to ensure pupils behave, teachers say House of blues is 'ridiculous' Wanted: Woman to put head in toilet April 13, 2009 10 surprising sex statistics Lawsuit aimed at 'drug stamp' law 'Girls Gone Wild' interrupts Good Friday service Your tattoo photos April 11, 2009 Goldman Sachs seeks Goldman sucks site suit Somali women flocking to port in hope of marrying pirates Why DO babies turn so many women into slummy mummies? Rescue team sent for laughing man April 10, 2009 Mexican President warned that corruption of American officials makes it hard to deal with drug-trafficking between Mexico and the US. Hanging baskets are banned because watering them is 'too dangerous' Pole faces jail for stealing toilet paper Burglar Cat Stealing Underwear, Gloves From Homes April 9, 2009 Pictured: The hilarious (and utterly pointless) horses with hair-extensions Women may orgasm on television before 11pm Most Outrageous Late For Work Excuses Clowning around pays off for circus hopefuls April 8, 2009 Thousands of pupils are being falsely diagnosed with dyslexia because schools failed Women-only company leads to Catfights and tears Drug given to hyperactive children could help obese adults British government website links to Japanese p or n April 7, 2009 Tiny puppy set to be the world's smallest dog - Pic British supermarket rebrands fish to spare blushes Tuesday at 11:45 is most stressful time of the week, survey suggests Michigan accepting marijuana applications April 6, 2009 Star Trek expands its universe Seduction 101 for Logicians and Economists Parents say school taught cuss words Firefighters told to use poles to test alarms...ladders 'are too dangerous' April 4, 2009 40 per cent of Australian women wear a bra size DD or bigger Study finds that teen vegetarians have a higher risk of problems Pictured: Schoolbus stranded on beach by incoming tide Gone muddin' April 3, 2009 Study : Marijuana has anti-cancer properties Man charged for drunken joy ride in school bus 'Bailout' hits Domino's for 11,000 free pizzas Woman glues right eye shut April 2, 2009 Funny men laugh ladies into bed because they're seen as 'more intelligent' McDonald's and Swedish strip club in dispute Student finds mobile phone and is ARRESTED after turning it in to police Stimulus money will be used to hire clowns, magicians, and comedians April 1, 2009 Miss Universe Describes Guantanamo Bay, Cuba as 'Fun' and 'Relaxing' 11 Baffling Medical Conditions Scantily Dressed Pirate Statue Stirs Controversy Woman, 37, beats 69-year-old man over alleged affair March 31, 2009 Married lawyer had 'affair with client - and charged her £250 an hour Man on motorized barstool charged with DUI Panties Help Guide 700-Mile Arctic Expedition When GPS, Compasses Fail Driver discovered puddle was a 12-foot deep crater - Pictures March 30, 2009 A site claiming to give a tan through the computer gets a million hits. High school volleyball team wrestles in Hershey's syrup -photogallery How come Americans are so against nudity and so for shooting people? Facebook users wage condom campaign against Pope March 28, 2009 Teachers demand a four-day week AND 10% pay rise Man puts finger in gas tank, gets stuck for hours Giant lobster takes over U.S. 1 in the Florida Keys Gorillas Who Found Love Online Have Welcomed First Baby March 27, 2009 The most beautiful politicians in the world Acne lights deter spotty teens The look of love? a glance that lasts longer than 8.2 seconds Forgers replace Queen's head with Boy George on fake £20 notes March 26, 2009 Name shame causes Cock shrinkage but Wang is on the rise The myth of Ashton Trust defends rubber penis giveaway PMS monitor keeps loved ones in loop US sperm bank offers stimulus deals March 25, 2009 Teenager paints 60ft phallus on roof of family home Woman accused of beating down door to offer sex for $10 Ennis police attacked by bees while tending to accident Excerpt: Parents, your kids aren't that special White Castle Wedding March 24, 2009 Beware of ladies with pink handcuffs Woman turns husband hunt into art project Woman undergoing sex change to become man is pregnant with twins Two women showed up at Court to support their boyfriend - oops March 23, 2009 45% - Older Americans Increasingly Sign Online Boy aged 2 is charged after he is accused of verbally abusing adults Government campaign says condoms make women sexier inny Blonde: rock 'n' roll beer with a naked twist March 21, 2009 Something fishy about condoms Providence strip club hosts job fair Swedish tycoon has lost a fortune to a phony clairvoyant Attempt to ensnare boyfriend comes back to bite Indiana woman March 20, 2009 Girl-on-girl smooch smacks of desperation Dog leaves family's cash in his deposits The case of the telltale Whizzinator Man removes 41 snakes from friend's crawlspace March 19, 2009 Drug denial letter covered in drugs Brothel is now allowing men to bring their wives to share in the experience Probe into 'longer lasting sex' company Story behind lotto win is, uh, big Parents organisation protests against Smiggle voodoo pencil March 18, 2009 In thin air of the Alps, Swiss discretion is vanishing Police Say Man Used Drive-thru To Rob Bank NZ women's breasts getting bigger Beauty contest scrapped over 'sexism' claims March 17, 2009 Londoners cop an eyeful of skimpy Shamrock bikini's Man summons firefighters to remove rubber snake from his baggage Single Question Can Identify Alcohol Abuse Use In Patients Swedish cops 'baked cake' in the nude Police briefs: Woman strips naked, knocks on doors March 16, 2009 Mineral water in plastic bottles contaminated with hormones Middle Schoolers Accidentally Given Condoms Boss drugged because, “he needed to chill out.” Foaming controversy as socialized suds hit NB Liquor shelves March 14, 2009 Chantelle: G-Force Will Make My Breasts Explode Can Marijuana Help Rescue California's Economy? No snout to shout about Playboy magazine's Miss May 2009 Due In Court For DUI March 13, 2009 Brazilian wax to banned by the New Jersey's Board of Cosmetology That's not my body, says MP Ruby Dhalla Australia needs to stop thinking of New Zealand as the "weird cousin" A Bigger Backside Can Be Better For Your Health March 12, 2009 Vampire unearthed in Venice plague grave Craig who? Poster mystery baffles locals Phelps-Labeled Cereal Donated To Food Bank Terrorist watch list hits 1 million - includes your grandmother March 11, 2009 Jon Stewart Slams Jim Cramer, Whole NBC Family (VIDEO) What Does $170 Billion Get You? Teenage Gypsy girls glam up for annual bride sale `Sex-y' sermons cause stir in rural Alabama March 10, 2009 The dangers of not drinking Chimp plots stone throw Quacking Gay Love Story A photo essay on sled dog racing March 9, 2009 How the US forgot how to make Trident missiles San Fran considers pillow fight crackdown 'Santa Bob' sentenced for growing pot Elderly Saudi woman sentenced to lashings March 8, 2009 Saudis Race All Night, Fueled by Boredom Que the Spam Mail Extender Works, Study Finds The mechanics of tipping US-style Women on top March 7, 2009 Just what is it about moobs? Officials shut down pirate radio that broadcast info on blow and being blown 8 Arrested at Party Hosted by 'Girls Gone Wild' Site of ‘Little Houdini’ escape no shock: Waffle House March 6, 2009 Tax dollars ar work: 'Prawnography' reveals lack of lust Thirsty bar thief shows a fair bit of cheek But it's Art: It's the vagina model-ogues sfw The upside of moving back into your parents' basement March 5, 2009 State to compensate Swede for broken 'hash' pipe Bogus British aristocrat attempts world’s biggest bank robbery University offers first Beatles degree Obama beer sparks controversy March 4, 2009 Woman calls 911 three times when McNuggets run out : Audio Revealed: The secrets of belly button fluff Meowee wowee! Man allegedly puts cat in bong Teenager sues for $3 million over ridicule on Facebook March 3, 2009 A surprising brouhaha over the use of 'meh' Naked female found in possession of ’skunk weed’ Double-amputee New Zealander has mermaid dreams fulfilled German MP wants DNA testing on dog poo March 2, 2009 Can people unlearn their naked shame? VIDEO - How do you fit two camels into a Subaru Women who pay for sex Driver Fills up Gas Tank, Receives Bill For $81 Billion March 1, 2009 FOXSexpert: 10 Sex Findings You Won't Believe Porn in the USA: Conservatives are biggest consumers Thousands scramble for free books after Amazon abandons warehouse Tables turned - China denounces US 'rights abuse'
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