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how to hack ijji gunz.
1. First go to
2. click loltastic.dll under free hacks
3. download it where it says download loltastic at the bottem of the page
4. go back to
5. under free hacks click injector/bypass
6. download the second one by clicking mjinjector
7. run it as a administartor.
8. type "gunz.exe" without the quotes
9. it'll give you a box to select a dll, click loltastic.dll
10. run gunz normally
11. if u did everything correctly it should open up mirage's website when u press start game,
12. press end at lobby
@charname <name>
     Ex. @charname ^2LOLHACKERBOI
     Type this in the lobby to create the character you desire.
     This might crash/errorlog you, but you'll be alright.

     This will turn whatever weapon you're using into a dagger.
     You can then use that weapon at dagger delay. 
     So, if you turn a sword into a dagger, you've got a semi quick sword.

     After typing this, the VERY NEXT TIME YOU RESPAWN,
     you will have infinite hp.  This means that, you either have to die,
     the round has to end, or you have to go into a portal for it to activate.

     This makes walls not apply to you.
     Pretty straight forward.

@speed <speed>
     Ex. @speed 30
     Type this ingame to speed your character up in ALL DIRECTIONS,
     including left and right.  Unlike previous speedhacks.

     Locks your position.

     Locks your z position.  (UP/DOWN)

     You might wanna use this in combo with the godmode to cause
     yourself to respawn.

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