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Even 50 cents will help, i might also add a buy it now page.
Views: 16989 | Added by: comedybreak | Date: 2009-09-20 | Comments (6)

So hey guys i added a shit load of stuff, as i said before school starts i need to update!!

Anyways, the famous youtubers i know that the second sxephil takes you to hotforwords, and the third one doesnt work. But the good part is i have about 6 videos on each, to see more go

I also added 3 sports in basketball section and i will add way more.!!!!!!!

Soundboards have been updated as well, their is alot of soundboards now.

Their is tounge twisters and yo mama jokes in funny things. (also more)

... Read more »
Views: 5012 | Added by: comedybreak | Date: 2009-09-02 | Comments (0)

So hey guys, if you request a game hack in the comments, i will make a video how to hacks it.
click the title to add a comment!!!


1. Game has to have over 1000+ players daily.
2. Game has to be multi-player unless you want to hack a single player flash game, request that.
3. Game has to be a better game then runescape, cause runescape sucks.

Views: 1502 | Added by: comedybreak | Date: 2009-08-24 | Comments (6)

Awww!!! these 3 months were heaven, i hate going back to school, i wish school can start mid-year it's always tough the first day, i hope i get nice teachers. Doesnt really matter for gaming101 cause every teach hates him for no reason.

Click the title and comment, but you'll need a account. *p.s. if you have any ucoz/unet accounts such as vvcomphelpvv's site you can use the account here*
Views: 992 | Added by: comedybreak | Date: 2009-08-24 | Comments (0)


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